We comply to EEC/UK distant sales regulation offering 14 days return policy Shipping will be at buyer's cost.

Bear in mind that the same directive clearly states that altered goods on buyer's request (ie. re-size) are not eligible for return/refund.

Please be aware of this before placing your order.

For International Buyers due to nature of international shipments -import/export regulations, returns are accepted only for items unintentionally misrepresented.
Therefore in case of misrepresentation, we ask our buyers to provide for a written grade report by a major laboratory like GIA or EGL which must be presented and both Colour and Clarity must be at least two grades lower.

Sorry we do not give for grant your own jeweller opinion.
Opinions are based on personal and different experience of trade.

Sorry, we do not give any compensation or partial refund!

If you feel the item has been misrepresented but still want to keep it and think you are in the right to get partial refund? Sorry we do not give Partial Refund under buyer's judgement only.
We think is unfair from buyer to ask for it. Without getting our goods back we are not able to check the mistake we made.

Therefore we do not renegotiate on final prices.

We are Firm on that!

Please note that we will not accept returns of re-sized/altered jewels even if done by us on buyer's request.
If you feel that meet our requirement for a refund please contact us within 72 hours from the date of receipt by e-mail. Merchandise must be returned undamaged, unaltered and insured at buyer's expense within 3 days. We reserve the right to inspect merchandise before issuing a refund.

- Shipping is not refundable

We sincerely do our best to make buyers happy with every single purchase, our target is customers come back for more. We feel our policies are fair to protect both sides. We are Square trade verified seller, this service help both parts and you can feel sure if there is something to go wrong, we always do the maximum to sort out!


There are no Duty or Tax to be paid within EU members countries
for further details you can visit the official EU web site here:

- US Custom Duty

Import custom's duty -if any- are responsibility of the buyer